Date:  Started March 6th, 2017

In support of:  Dryden Regional Health Centre – raising funds to replace our aging CT Scan machine

Fundraising Goal:  Ultimately – 1.25 million dollars

CKDR launched the campaign to support the Dryden Regional Health Centre with a four-hour broadcast from 8am to noon on the first day.  Donors were invited to visit our location at the hospital, meet the staff and – donate.  Richard McCarthy and Mike Ebbeling hosted with guests from the community. Obviously, numerous large donations were pre-arranged.  The goal for the morning was 200k.   In four hours, 350 thousand dollars had been donated or pledged.  By days end, the total was over 400 thousand.  Biggest one-day fund raiser CKDR has ever been involved in.Fund raising continues with CKDR providing a banner ad and link to the online donation forms as well as a spot campaign.

(Photo:  News Director Mike Ebbeling and Dryden Regional Health Centre’s Chuck Schmidtt shake hands, reaching over an emotional Richard McCarthy who was literally fighting back tears after Chuck’s comments about CKDR as we wrapped up our broadcast.