August 2, 2019

The CRTC today announced that the new 36 month device financing plans in the wireless service marketplace may not be compliant with the Wireless Code since customers may have to pay fees to switch service providers, even after 24 months.

July 31, 2019

The CRTC today took an important step to better protect Canadians with the publication of a code of conduct for Internet service providers (ISPs). The Internet Code will come into effect on January 31, 2020 and will provide Canadians with additional safeguards against unexpectedly high bills and... Read More

June 18, 2019

Today, we took note of the final text of the government’s policy direction, which requires that the CRTC consider how it can promote competition, affordability, consumer interests and innovation in its decisions on telecommunications matters.

June 12, 2019

The CRTC announced today that Northwestel has agreed to spend $5 million in new and unplanned investments to upgrade its network infrastructure further to a contravention of the Telecommunications Act. Over a period of seven years, Northwestel failed to obtain the CRTC’s approval for the rates... Read More

June 6, 2019

We appreciate this opportunity to contribute to your Committee’s study of Motion M-208. This study addresses important areas within the scope of Canada’s telecommunications regulators: Innovation, Science and Economic Development as the spectrum regulator and the CRTC. Reliable and accessible... Read More

June 6, 2019

I want to bring you up to speed on some of the key activities that we at the CRTC have underway, and those that will soon be before us. Before I do, I will take you back to about this time last year when we released our Harnessing Change report.